What types of content marketing are there?


What Are The Different Types Of Content Marketing?

The terms “content,” “content marketing,” “content marketing strategy,” “content marketing plan,” and other phrases with similar vocabulary are everywhere. They appear in pieces talking about how to establish your brand’s presence, build a following, have a successful startup, and just get your brand name known in your market.

When creating specific types of content, you have to know who your audience is (buyer personas are useful here), and what they are looking for. You also need to research how each type of persona prefers to consume a piece of content. You want to present relevant useful information to build your reputation as a knowledgeable voice in your industry niche. You are laying the foundation that will make you the place all these potential customers return to when it’s time to make a purchase decision.

There are many different types of content marketing, including:


A blog on your website that corresponds with your product and its market can attract potential customers looking for the answer that your business solves. Blog posts improve SEO and can be a low-cost way to boost organic traffic.


You likely have company news, product announcements, and a ton of other stories that deserve to be told. Like a traditional newspaper or magazine publishes articles, you can, too. So it’s perfectly acceptable for marketers to borrow ideas from the traditional publishing world to better engage their audiences.


Videos engage an audience quickly. According to research, 54% of audiences want to see videos or a product demo from brands they support, which is more than any other type of video content.


High-quality podcasts have been extremely lucrative for some digital marketers, though they are far from a universal solution for your content needs. Once you have the right equipment, they can be simple to produce and, if distributed through a podcast network, can have massive reach.


Infographics are so fun and can wake up a marketing strategy with eye-catching content. They’re bright, visually captivating ways to present stats or processes. 

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with your audience via newsletters is a fantastic way to promote your business and sell your products. Plus, this content type allows you to reach out directly to your target audience or current customers directly and efficiently.

Visual content

Striking visual content is a great way to grab attention and convey a message quickly. Bold and clean visuals are important to keep the impact of your content high. Visual posts are meant to be more focused and condensed.


If you’ve never created an eBook before, think of them as long-form blog content. They’re not a novel, they’re not a multiple-page ad for your business. Instead, they’re a way to give potential clients valuable information. 

Lead magnets

Lead magnets are kind of opt-in bribes. This content contains information a prospect would be willing to exchange their contact information so they can access it. 


White papers are similar to eBooks in a lot of ways. The whitepaper is another type of long-form content that can be effective as a lead magnet. Whitepapers are one of the most popular types of content marketing for B2B and other small businesses that want to build thought leadership.


Checklists are a type of worksheet that provides a list of things to do in a step-by-step process in order to achieve some type of the desired outcome. These are great content assets for small businesses because they are easy to create and promote. Yet, they still provide a significant value for the target audience.


Testimonials are very similar to case studies, except that a specific customer of yours tells the story directly from their perspective. These are User-Generated Content,  a form of word of mouth that you use to inspire interest in your company, product reviews, or services.


Live webinars give you two valuable benefits. First, it enables you to build your email list and generate high-quality leads. A survey found that 55% of B2B companies leverage webinars for this reason. The second benefit is the actual webinar. It is an opportunity for you to present your ideas to a live audience and then conduct a Q&A session afterward. Prospects will see real people from your company share valuable information. You will create a stronger connection with your audience while gaining their contact information for future communications.

Social Media Marketing

It’s important to remember that not all forms of content fit on all social media platforms. When developing your content marketing strategy, remember that social media channels are typically geared towards a particular type of content marketing. Be sure to do your research to understand what types of posts fit the social media strategy you are using.

Case Studies

Case studies are effective for leads who want to learn more about your business from the customers themselves. With case studies, buyers see a customer’s journey from start to finish and see similar use cases in real life.

Other pieces of content marketing efforts are Slideshare presentations, Quizzes/tools, Slide decks, and Free apps.

What do many businesses want to get out of their content strategy?

Driving traffic to key landing pages, spreading brand awareness, building relationships, bringing in revenue, and generating social shares and backlinks.

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