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How to launch an e-commerce website?

Why Choose Shopify?

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    How to launch an e-commerce website?

    Several platforms exist to make it easier than ever to launch an e-commerce store. Once you’ve determined what you’ll be selling and you’ll need to choose which platform to use. After that, the next steps include designing the appearance of your store (including any customization), adding the products for sale, and in some cases setting up a payment gateway. While e-commerce platforms guide you through a lot of these steps, experts are also available to help you launch your store.

    As a professional web design company,  Solomon Designs take pride in every store that we create. You can be confident that our team of Shopify designers will create each concept, design, and layout with the goal of making your e-commerce store as beautiful and dynamic as possible.

    After working on the Shopify platform for over a decade, Solomon Designs can provide the guidance you need to determine which plan works best for your company. Once we’ve selected our plan for optimizing your site, we’ll be able to optimize it even further.

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    Why Choose Shopify?

    Shopify is a flexible e-commerce system that can be managed via smartphone Stable mobile-friendly website themes Powerful Shopify shipping solutions Unlimited products & bandwidth Multiple payment methods available by default Built-in blogging platform for content creation Secure PCI Level 1 Compliant checkout process Streamlined coupon codes & gift card functionality

    Shopify Development & Design

    From inception to launch, Solomon Designs can provide a route to success for your e-commerce business on Shopify. With help from top experts in design and development, maximize the functionality of this powerful online store platform with ease. Optimize every single page on your site so they’re consistent with your brand identity.

    Why Hire A Web Developer

    Think of Shopify as a customized hosting service where you can create your own website to display, sell, and ship digital or physical goods. With its built-in features like product catalogs, inventory management, customer support, and analytics tools, plus an extensive online training library, there’s no reason not to learn from scratch if you want to create a successful eCommerce site.

    Here are some of the specialized tasks our Solomon Designs web developer can do for your Shopify store:

    Customize the UI of your store

    One thing you need to understand with being an e-commerce entrepreneur is that website design and usability are important. Your site’s goal is to attract customers and make sure that when they’re in, they can navigate it easily. If a few more clicks can help get them to the payment button right away, you’ll want to do it.

    Make code changes

    Another reason you may need to reach out to a Shopify web developer is to make code changes to your website. For instance, you may want to make modifications and customizations to your website footer, navigational menu, product pages, blog pages, or homepage for a more attractive look.

    Ensure that your store is functioning properly

    There is a lot to consider when it comes to building a successful web store.  But, it’s easy for things to go wrong when building websites. When you face such issues that you can’t fix, a Shopify web developer is the exact person you need to reach out to.

    Optimize store performance

    A Shopify web developer ensures that the performance and functionality of your online store are in top shape. Some of their tasks include doing quality checks such as testing and monitoring to provide an amazing experience for your buyers and potential customers.

    Why choose us

    We’re performance experts and we take pride in delivering outstanding customer experience and internet user experience, too. We believe in building long-term relationships with clients because happy customers mean repeat business. Our team works hard to understand your needs and implement strategies that will grow your online presence.

    Feel free to email or call us and find out what we can do for you. We are motivated to offer a consultation for your requirements. Let’s work together on AMAZING Content.

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    We answer the most common questions about Web Design

    How can Shopify help me grow my online sales?

    Shopify offers many amazing benefits to help you grow your business via online sales. Ecommerce is made easy with the Shopify E-Commerce platform: it allows store owners to manage, scale, and customize their site to attract target customers. Moreover, Shopify is SEO-friendly with a broad range of SEO features that online stores need to improve their ranking in search engine results. You can also expand your online business to get more revenue by integrating third-party solutions such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, or social media platforms.

    What Does a Shopify Developer Do?

    A Shopify developer is a coding expert with unique insights specialized in working with Shopify stores. The level of specialization and skills helps them get noticed among other e-commerce developers that don’t share the same experience.

    What services do eCommerce Development offer?

    If you want to launch a new online store or upgrade your existing one, a good e-commerce developer can create and customize your website by using a specific theme and relevant plugins. The seller you pick should also ensure that your site performs as expected, is secure and bug-free.

    What are the different E-commerce platforms available, and the benefits of each?

    There is a multitude of Ecommerce platforms to choose from, however, the most common are Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento. They each offer their own drawbacks and benefits. For instance, Woocommerce is great for small businesses, but it is a WordPress plug-in and not a standalone platform. Shopify is extremely affordable and easy to use but doesn’t offer complete flexibility. Magento offers a robust platform with a lot of flexibility, but it may be more costly and complicated.


    If you have any questions regarding our WordPress Development Services or would like to have a chat about your project, our team is always happy to help.

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