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Do you need an SEO agency?

If you are serious about increasing the visibility of your website in organic search results, then an SEO agency is essential. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agencies invest time and money into developing strategies that work, driving traffic from organic search to your website.

Many beginners find it difficult to customize their WordPress page layouts.

Most premium WordPress themes include various page layouts but they’re usually pretty difficult to modify so if you don’t know HTML/CSS then you’ll probably need an expert developer to help you out.

Users commonly ask us questions such as “How can we make WordPress drag ‘n’ drop?” or “Is there an easy drag ‘n’ drop page builder for WordPress?”. Their answer is usually: “I wish WordPress had a Drag ‘N’ Drop Website Builder”.

There are several good drag n drop page builders available for WordPress. With them, you don’t need any programming knowledge at all to design beautiful websites for yourself!

What is an SEO Package?

A Custom SEO Package is a monthly subscription whereby a company employs a specialist agency to carry out onsite and offsite website optimisation activities. Traditionally these activities conform to Google’s Webmaster policies and feature both onsite (Technical SEO, Heading Tags, Robots.txt, Sitemap XML) and offsite (Link Building, PageRank).

At Solomon Designs, as an SEO agency, we work to promote your business website online. By using optimisation techniques and strategies to improve visibility and ranking positions in organic search, we will help to increase traffic, enquiries, conversions and sales. To have an SEO friendly website you need to:

-Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider

-Install an SEO-friendly WordPress Theme

-Install a Free WordPress SEO Plugin 

-Set Your Proper Domain 

-Check Your Site’s Visibility Settings

-Enable SEO Friendly Permalinks

-Verify Your Site with Google Search Console

-Submit Your XML Sitemap

-Optimize Pages & Posts

-Use Keyword Research Tool

-Great Content Creation for SEO

-Set Custom URLs for Pages & Posts

 -Use Optimized Page Headings

 -Use Internal Linking

 -Use Optimized File Names for Images

 -Add Alt Text to Images

 -Install a Caching Plugin to Improve Site Speed

 -Optimize Images

WordPress Theme Builders and Page Builders

And how about Website Builders? Page builders and theme builders are very similar and have a lot of overlapping features. One plugin can be used for both building pages and themes. Many WP Page Builder Plugins also include Theme Building Functionality (usually in their Premium Versions).

The key difference between a WordPress page builder vs theme builder is this:

With a page builder, you can easily create a unique layout for each individual piece of content—for example, a single blog entry.

A theme builder lets you create templates that automatically apply to some/all of your content. For example, a template that automatically applies to every single blog post. Once you’ve published a blog post, if you want to add any additional content such as images, videos, etc., you just copy/paste them into the relevant place within the theme using the visual drag-and-drop tool provided by most themes.

Apart from that, they’re pretty much identical. Other ins and outs include:

Super Fast Site development

It’s lightweight, which means it takes up relatively little space on your server, which makes building sites faster. It’s coded so that it runs fast enough for most people. Therefore, it takes almost no time for a command to be executed while building web pages with it.

Perfect for any Level of Users

Anyone having a little familiarity with WordPress can build a full-fledged website easily with WP Page Builder. For both beginners and advanced developers, WP page builder offers everything they need at their fingertips. That’s where drag and drop WordPress plugin builders come in handy. WordPress page builders allow you to create, edit, and customize your website layout without writing any code.

At Solomon Designs, we use the flexible, powerful, realistic, Gutenberg page builder with best-in-class WooCommerce integrations, and Drag element edges to set spacing, or drag & drop to re-order.

It’s a WordPress Page Building with unlimited possibilities to design your webpage. Using the new WordPress editor Gutenberg, building professional beautiful sites has never been easier! A page builder experience that brings advanced capabilities and graceful design elements never seen before on any Page Builder. Work with any theme, create any design.


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