What to look for in a Web Host

Web hosting is important and to avoid making a mistake that could cost you a lot, make sure you look for the following 7 things: #1. Reliability, Uptime & Downtime The first thing you need from your web host is reliability. This is why you have to know the uptime and downtime of the website, …

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Types of Web Hosting

Now that you know what web hosting is, it’s time to talk about the different types of web hosting Shared Hosting In the previous article we explained what is a server and how it is used. Most of the websites you see online are being hosted on shared hosts or servers. Shared means that many …

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What is Web Hosting?

There is always the possibility that this is the first time you actually wonder about this. It’s very simple: What is a website? Essentially, it’s a lot of electronic files that need to be stored somewhere, in order for the whole world to have access to them and basically navigate through it. Since you cannot …

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