How to Choose the Right Web Developer


It is not easy to choose the right web developer, especially if you’re not acquainted with the profession. Nevertheless, we provide you with 5 valuable criteria that will help you organise the info you’ve got and choose the proper developer for your website. #1. Cost We are aware that every company or individual has a …

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Identifying What you Want


We’re only humans and knowing what we want can sometimes be tricky and tiring. A website is not an easy thing to do and identifying what you really want is essential. Solomon Designs is offering you some options that will make your life easier when deciding what to do. #1. A brand new website But …

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What does your Web Developer actually do for you?


Looking for the right web developer is hard and we can assure you that a creative cooperation can be challenging and sometimes tiring. Web developers often need to prove to their clients that the value of their work is not only translated into working hours, but also to future ratings of the website they have …

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Solomon Designs team is passionate about WordPress. We build clean and responsive, fully featured and mobile-first orientated websites.
We combine our technical, creative and digital marketing expertise to bring you outstanding custom WordPress development services.
We take our work seriously and are continually expanding our knowledge and skills to better understand the business and web audience.
Your website is an investment in your business’s future and Solomon Designs team gives this the attention it deserves.