Identifying What you Want


We’re only humans and knowing what we want can sometimes be tricky and tiring.

A website is not an easy thing to do and identifying what you really want is essential. Solomon Designs is offering you some options that will make your life easier when deciding what to do.

#1. A brand new website

But what do you need exactly? One page? Five pages? 10 pages? Do you need an e-shop? Should it be responsive? Does it include a database?
Before coming to us to ask for a brand new website, ask yourselves the following questions:
Who are you targeting?
Why would your target group want to visit your website?
What is the purpose of this website?
How will you know it is successful? Is it because there’s high traffic, or is it sales?
The more information you give us, the more helpful we can be

#2. An update or a new feature functionality for your existing website

Let us know what you’re thinking and what it is that you’d like to improve/change in your existing website. Tell us why you think you should make these changes and what is your ultimate purpose. Lastly, tell us exactly what you need us to do. If you’re not sure, ask us!

#3. Increase your website traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important nowadays and it is really important for you to realise that you need it. But what exactly is it that you need? Just “clicks” on your website or are you looking to achieve sales for example? First define what it is that you want and then let’s talk about what to do.

There are clicks and clicks. There are the right clicks for your website and there are the wrong clicks for it. The right clicks are coming from the people you target and know. Moreover, you have to understand that you cannot have the clicks you want, if you don’t take care of your website. What this means, is that you make sure it looks pleasant, its content is updated, it’s user friendly and responds to your audience’s actual needs.

So, make sure you know what kind of audience you have/want and leave the technicalities to us!

#4. Improved conversion rate for your website

If you don’t manage to turn the clicks into sales or whatever it is that you ultimately want for your website, then there must be a problem that you haven’t located.
Could it be the design? Maybe it it’s not user friendly? Is it less responsive when viewed by mobile devices? Is it just not making its point clear? In any case, you need to focus and see what is wrong with it and we are here to help you fix it.

Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!

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