How to choose a CMS


What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a GUI that helps users create, edit and modify content as a digital experience. It powers your website and provides the backend system that’s needed to administratively take care of updates, install themes, and plugins. CMS’ also allows users to search for content, index these searches, retrieve archived content and publish new content on the web.

WordPress is a great example of a CMS.

This is an application that can be used to create a blog post, websites, portals, edit them, change the format, theme, add additional features, and more. You can even share your creation on a social media popular platform automatically using plugins. When most people think of content management, they think of creating, deleting, editing, and organizing pages. They assume all content management systems do this and so take that core functionality for granted. However, that is not necessarily the case. Nor is there any guarantee that such functionality will be presented intuitively.

Consider carefully the basic functionality you need. Even if you do not require the ability to structure and organize pages now, you may in the future. Be wary of any system that does not allow you to complete these core tasks.

Your content’s presentation should not be dictated by technology. It is simply not necessary now that we have techniques to separate design and content. Unfortunately, like some Web designers, many CMS developers have not adopted best practices and have created systems that produce horrendous code. This puts unreasonable constraints on the design and seriously impacts accessibility.

You need a content management system that allows flexibility in the way content is retrieved and presented. For example, can you retrieve news stories in reverse chronological order? Can you display events in a calendar? Is it possible to extract the most recent user comments and display them on the home page? Flexibility makes a CMS stand out.

If you intend to gather user accounts, your CMS must provide that functionality or allow a third-party plug-in to provide it. Equally, if you want to host a community on your website, then you will require functionality such as chat, forums, comments, and ratings. At a minimum, you will need to be able to post forms and collect responses. How easily does the CMS make this process? Can you customize fields or does that require technical expertise? Also, ask what tools exist for communicating with customers. Can you send email newsletters? Can recipients be organized into groups that receive different mailings? The right CMS platform for your business will align with your site’s needs and goals. Some of the most important factors to consider are ease of use, customizability, security, and pricing.

Which is the Best CMS Platform?

We believe that WordPress is the best CMS platform and website builder in the world. Over 42% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, and there’s a good reason for that. WordPress has everything you want in a perfect open-source CMS platform. It’s easy to get started, and many WordPress web hosting companies offer a 1 click install process. You can extend the functionality in almost any way you can think of using plugins. On WordPress, you could run an eCommerce store online forum LMS (learning management system) membership site auction site marketplace and almost anything else you can think of.

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