Types of Web Hosting


Now that you know what web hosting is, it’s time to talk about the different types of web hosting

Shared Hosting

In the previous article we explained what is a server and how it is used. Most of the websites you see online are being hosted on shared hosts or servers. Shared means that many other different files from websites all over the world are also kept at this very same location. If this makes you feel a little uncomfortable, think that these files do not interact in any way and that this is a very cheap way of web hosting.

Dedicated web hosting

If you have an international company and you are willing to pay more, then this is the type of web hosting you’re looking for. It means that you have the entire server to yourself and your website is the only one using it. Consequently, you can have control over the setup of that server, which will probably be faster and more secure. Keep in mind that dedicated web hosting is mainly for very large websites that need a lot of space and constant updates.

Cloud hosting

As you may have guessed, cloud hosting is a virtual server, created by other physical web servers. It has become very popular lately, as it uses more than one server and it can reduce the chances of downtimes (when the server is “down”) in case the server has difficulties functioning for various reasons. Cloud hosting is very fast, as various servers share the “workload” and it’s very reliable, due to the same reason.

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