It’s not rare that people confuse web development with web design. In this article we explain what web development is and in the next one we focus on web design. Take a look, it might clear the picture for you!


So what do we mean when we say web development?  Basically, codes. All the codes that are necessary for a website to work, are the web developers responsibility.

Front-end development: this is the code that is used for the display of a website, or, to be more specific, how a design created by a designer (colors, typography, logos etc) will be displayed on a website.

Back-end development: this is the code used to manage data within the database. The back-end developer is serving this data to the front-end, for it to be displayed.

The back-end is all about how it works (whether it’s a one page website or a whole e-shop) and the front end- is about how all this is displayed. More info at the next article about web design 😉

Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!


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