It’s not rare that people confuse web development with web design. In this article we explain what web design is, after presenting web development in the previous one. Take a look, it might clear the picture for you!


If it includes the word “design” then it’s probably all about designing! And by “designing” we mean the visual aesthetics and how a website will be used by a visitor. Which colors will it display, what kind of menu will it have, will it be useful, how will it be formatted, how will the information be offered to the visitors, how will the whole experience be for them, what will the logo be, what’s the typography? These are only few of the questions that are relative to a web designer’s duties and it must be clear by now that web design is basically about what we-visitors see.

If you have read our previous article about web development, you may be able to see now that a front-end developer could sometimes share some common or similar tasks with a web designer, as well as knowledge, particularly on UI/UX design. Thus, it is clear that the communication and cooperation between the web designer and a web developer needs to be easy and smooth.

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