How to Identify Quality Leads


The difference between good leads and bad lead

Differentiating the good from the bad is one of the most important skills required for Lead Generation. When it comes to nurturing the sales funnel, a lot of time is wasted chasing prospects that turn out to be futile.
One of the biggest challenges for any company is generating high-quality leads. If your message isn’t clear enough, if your audience is too broad, or if your plan is too aggressive, then bad leads can be costly.

Being able to tell whether a lead is worth pursuing is the key to business growth and success. Here’s a guide to spotting those good-quality leads from substandard ones.

A suspect

A suspect is an individual or organization that could buy your product or service but hasn’t shown any indication of doing so. They may stay in your sales funnel for a long time, without any means or intention to spend money.

A prospect

A prospect is someone who is actively searching for a solution (product or service) to a problem they have (a need or desire). They have engaged with your brand and may have shown a moderate level of interest in what you’re selling.

A lead

A lead is someone who meets all the specific criteria (the right fit, behavior, interest, and intent). They have the means to buy and are considering your product or service.

In fact, true leads are usually the best kind of leads for conversions. And if you’re going to be selecting which ones qualify, then choosing wisely can really pay off. Even you don’t even know whether they’re capable leads yet, they may not be able to afford your services right now but could become clients later. Sometimes, people don’t know why something isn’t working for them until someone shows them.

It isn’t necessarily true that suspect and prospect leads don’t deserve your attention. A prospect, in particular, is already interested in a certain type of product or service and is already engaging with you.

A suspect might just be someone who follows you online without sharing any personal info. They’re usually looking for people who already possess knowledge rather than someone trying to sell them something. So, here’s why content marketing matters. Blog Posts or White Paper are an important part of every marketing strategy and can help convert potential clients into real ones.

Defining Criteria

In order to tell if a lead is of good quality, you’ll need to look at what type of lead it is. When considering which leads to nurture first, think about who generated them and their engagement level so far. Also, consider whether they’re most likely to convert into Sales Leads at the end of the buying cycle.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

This is a lead that came from marketing efforts, such as an event, social media posts, a blog post, or video marketing.

Sales Ready Leads (SRL)

This type of lead is more direct and requires the lead to request a call-back, meeting, or conversation with a member of your sales team.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

The stage that follows the initial conversation is when a sales representative qualifies as a sales-ready lead and as a potential customer with the intention and means to buy.

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