WordPress Basics


WordPress is the most popular platform to create a website and there are various reasons for this massive preference. But, what is WordPress? Why do people choose it? Is it free?


Originally WordPress was created to serve as a blogging software – the elder ones must remember it. It became so popular, it eventually evolved into a tool used to create websites for literally any purpose. WordPress is user friendly, healthy and attractive to all sorts of users, from web developers to average computer users, due to its unlimited potential.


Any WordPress website can also have a blog section. And anyone who wishes to simply have a blog that is not a part of a website, can definitely have it with WordPress. A blog is maintained regularly by its owner, who makes sure there are steady entries of any kind: reviews, commentary, literature, opinions, videos, photos, anything that might interest anyone who can spend some time online. The word blog comes from the combination of two other words, “web log”, and the verb “blogging” means to post to your blog.

Hippie free

WordPress is a free and open source software, which means that it relies on the community of developers to create and test the software, as well as provide support via online fora. This “hippie” community basically keeps WordPress alive and offers more potential to it every day. We should also inform you that there is no trial version and no free version that lacks the most important features. You can easily install WordPress on your hosting account within 5 minutes and it is very simple to update the website or the blog yourself!

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