The Importance of Web Design


Web design is extremely important for a website as it can either lift it to the top, or bury it to the bottoms of rankings. And here is why:

#1 Navigation

It is definitely the most important part of a website, as it can either help a visitor find his way and decide to return, or it can confuse the visitor and send him/her directly to a competitor.

Especially if your website consists of many pages, you should be extra careful considering your web design. A typical website navigation should be pretty obvious through labels or a navigation bar. However, that’s not always the case. As we try to differentiate our website from the others, we often choose alternative ways of presenting our website to the people. This, however, could end up being very tricky.

The right navigation must be easy for the visitor to locate and comprehend, something that counts impressively in google analytics. So, don’t hesitate to choose the simple way, as it guarantees ease of use and will definitely save them a lot of time.

This could also be translated in more clicks from your devoted visitors!

#2 SEO

The human brain learns how to read quickly from a young age and a simple way to do this is by looking for the most important information at the top left area of a website, a book, or a magazine. The smart web designer will know where to put the right info, so as to make navigation as easy as possible for the visitors.

Arranging your website properly will then lead to better SEO, as the most essential keywords should be put exactly there: at the HTML text your visitors are looking for at the top left. Google will know that and will send you more visitors, as long as you don’t confuse them. Consequently, your website will become more visible and it will get better rankings every time people try to find something relevant to your business online.

#3 First Impression

The moment you click on a web address and see the website that appears in front of you, a first impression is immediately created. This first impression is fundamentally formed by the layout. It can either be appealing to the users who will engage with it, or it can be the opposite and send them away.

Moreover, your website design and development shows how seriously you take your business and the quality of your aesthetics. What this means, is that if your website has unappealing design and it is outdated, visitors will not be able to trust you or your business and they will prefer to navigate in a competitors page that seems much more engaging.

Thus, make sure you invest in design that will be engaging and that will be able to create a pleasant first impression.

#4 Customer Service

Once upon a time, people would either call a business or physically go there, in order to interact and see if they are willing to cooperate with them. If they would call, the person that would answer the phone should be polite, cooperative and willing to offer the best possible service. If they would visit, the welcoming area and the reception would prepare them about what they should expect. A clean, professional and beautiful environment always prepares for the quality of customer service the business can offer.

At our times, this first impression is usually formed by a business’s website. People visit it and they decide whether they feel your customer service will be good enough, or not. After all, what you offer to your website visitors is directly connected to your perception about them. A neglected website will make them feel that they will become neglected customers and they will leave as soon as possible, without engaging to any interaction with your business. An inviting website that show’s you’ve put a lot of effort in it, will lead them to expect excellent services.

Consequently, if you actually offer good customer service, make sure this is obvious through your website, as it is very important for most of your potential customers.

#5 Call To Action

Even if you have the most awesome website in the known universe, you still need your web designer to do something extremely important: Call To Action.

Your website visitors are finally there, they’re looking around and they haven’t left within the first 15 seconds. Now is your chance to have them do the one thing you want from them. What is that? Well, that depends. You might want them to subscribe to your newsletter or fill a contact form, maybe use a special discount, download a gift card or watch a video.

Whatever that is, your designer must be able to Call everybody To Action with an irresistible CTA “button”. This button must stand out of the page, but it must not be annoying. It must be able to attract attention, but without interrupting the visitor. It must be obvious, but not too much. In short, a good web designer knows how to call your visitors to action and can bring them closer to what you’re offering.

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