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WordPress Support and Updates

WordPress updates are changes made to code.

WordPress is ever-evolving and we at Solomon Designs

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    WordPress Support and Updates


    WordPress Updates

    Solomon Design will support you without worrying about hiring, managing a team, or performing technical support. WordPress updates are changes made to code. This may be the code of the core WordPress software, your theme, or your plugins. WordPress updates show up in your admin dashboard as a bright red notification. They signal that software you have installed, whether activated or deactivated, is in need of a refresh.

    With Solomon Designs, you can push an update from a developer to your WordPress website. We’ll be taking safety precautions like doing a full backup of your site before doing updates, performing updates on a staging site first, or simply having your webmaster manage all your updates.

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    Automatic WordPress Core Updates

    WordPress is ever-evolving and we at Solomon Designs, strive to provide a platform that’s secure. We want the experience of updating WordPress, which is a necessity for a successful WordPress site, to be as easy as possible.

    Our top priority is the stability, security, and functionality of your sites, and we want to give you time to test the new version against your current configuration. Solomon Designs do not update during the beta or immediately after the new update is released and all releases undergo some form of testing by our Security team. Once we have analyzed the update and made the needed adjustments to our platform, we will begin updating your sites automatically.

    Why PHP Matters

    PHP is the coding language WordPress is built on, and its version is set at the server level by your hosting company. Whilst you may be familiar with the importance of keeping WordPress, and your themes and plugins up-to-date, keeping PHP up-to-date is just as important.

    There are two main benefits to keeping PHP up-to-date

    Your website will be faster as the latest version of PHP is more efficient. Updating to the latest supported version can deliver a huge performance increase; up to 3 or 4x faster for older versions.

    Your website will be more secure. PHP, like WordPress, is maintained by its community. Because PHP is so popular, it is a target for hackers – but the latest version will have the latest security features. Older versions of PHP do not have this, so updating is essential to keep your WordPress site secure.


    Security Update

    It’s extremely important these updates be pushed out to all WordPress sites as soon as possible. If the existence of a vulnerability has been known long enough, then not upgrading immediately leaves your site susceptible to an easy compromise. A compromised site means reverting and losing data, or a lengthy period of time offline for clean-up and remediation.

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    WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

    With Solomon Designs, consider signing up for one of the many WordPress maintenances and support services that are available.

    This is why SEO is an ongoing process. Slowly declining traffic and rankings are a good indication that your site is not in line with the current Google algorithm. If you are creating content on a regular basis and your traffic is flat or declining it could be a part of a larger issue.

    Maintenance: This can include core WordPress updates, Automatic plugin updates, Theme Update, website backups, Security Service, uptime monitoring, and more.

    Support: This can help you with website downtime, plugin/theme errors, and Theme Modifications, and also provide WordPress advice and help with troubleshooting problems.

    Solomon Designs maintenance and support services can drastically reduce the time you need to spend maintaining your website and tackling issues such as spam, hacks, and errors. We take care of the mundane tasks that have to be done such as plugin and theme updates, security checks, and Backup Solution, essential to the success of any online business.

    Why choose us?

    If you have thousands of people visiting your site or you have less than a hundred, your site needs to be up and stay up. Our WordPress maintenance and support plan take all the necessary measures to make sure this happens. We perform all the WordPress and Plugin updates, daily backups, scan for malware, monitor uptime, and everything else you’d need to know your site is up, working, and safe. 

    We’re performance experts and we take pride in delivering outstanding customer experience and user experience, too. We believe in building long-term relationships with clients because happy customers mean repeat business. Our team works hard to understand your needs and implement strategies that will grow your online presence.

    Feel free to email or call us and find out what we can do for you. We are motivated to offer a consultation for your requirements. Let’s work together on AMAZING content.

    Contact us now to schedule a free consultation via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet to discuss your next website design project.

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    We answer the most common questions about Web Design

    Should I Disable Automatic WordPress Updates?

    Did you know that WordPress can automatically update your website? In some cases, that can include plugins and themes too. Despite the security benefits, there is a slight chance that these background updates can break your website. For most beginners and the vast majority of WordPress websites, automatic updates are harmless, and you should not disable them. However, if you run an online store or don’t want to lose business due to a broken site, then you can safely turn off automatic updates. Still, make sure that you manually install those updates in a timely manner to ensure your website’s security.

    Why WordPress Updates Automatically

    WordPress automatically updates the core WordPress software for security reasons. Sometimes, it may also update a plugin or theme to fix a potential threat. For instance, a WordPress plugin or theme might be updated to remove a critical vulnerability. If that plugin or theme is used by a lot of websites, the WordPress core team may push out an automatic update for that. Apart from those situations, WordPress lets you decide when you want to install updates.

    What is Domain Monitoring?

    Your domain “” is how people find you on the internet. This name often comes up for renewal and needs to be pointed correctly to your site. Oftentimes people forget to renew, or the provider updates the record without telling you. While your site would never go down, in these situations visitors would not be able to find you. We monitor the renewal process and the DNS records to make sure there are no harmful changes.

    What is PHP and why it is used?

    PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is known as a general-purpose scripting language that can be used to develop dynamic and interactive websites. It was among the first server-side languages that could be embedded into HTML, making it easier to add functionality to web pages without needing to call external files for data.

    What is PHP used for?

    PHP is a server-side scripting language that is embedded in HTML. It is used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, even build entire e-commerce sites. It is integrated with a number of popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server.


    If you have any questions regarding our WordPress Development Services or would like to have a chat about your project, our team is always happy to help.

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