We will help you setup your Online Business, using the latest trends in Social Media and Net Technologies. You will receive a final product with high standards in User Experience and Conversion Rates.

Generally speaking, when you do UX you have to get your hands “dirty”. What this means, is that you have to do with numbers and users, conduct interviews, make surveys (online, offline), track google analytics and finally give a definition of the users who are watching.

This way, you have a clear picture of the users that are interested in your product and so the next step is to plan a quick and dirty story: You can either use hypothetical user personas, or people who know and record their experience with the product / service. It is very important that you are, throughout the procedure, open to feedback from users of the collaborators etc.

A very good method for user testing is to ask different people to form a team in a workshop and record their reactions to what you present to them. These fine procedures are not only performed once, at the beginning of your product’s launching, but throughout its life.

Once we take all this INFORMATION, we continue with information architecture and sitemap. We start by defining the user “journey”, the route that a user will follow in order to discover the “story” behind each section or product that is included in a web page. When the product reaches a large audience from around the world, from different cultures and backgrounds, we focus on the Ethnographic research.

The prototyping wireframes is the next step. These start at the very simple form of a scribble on paper, later to include a more complex design thinking process. It is a very creative procedure, usually done in a workshop format along with the entire team, a development that helps to make a user centered design.

After the product is online, the stage of testing begins. This can be done by various methods, like AB tests, heatmaps or the renowned google analytics, that literally rule in SEO. This is undoubtedly a very detailed and continuous process.

Evidently we will be more than happy to do all this for you.

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