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Kostas Mavrokefalos

I'm a Web Developer and Programmer.

WordPress is my Passion.

Let me help you grow your business.

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Fast Woocommerce Theme

Build your e-shop easy!

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Solomon Designs team is passionate about WordPress. We build clean and responsive, fully featured and mobile-first orientated websites.
We combine our technical, creative and digital marketing expertise to bring you outstanding custom WordPress development services.
We take our work seriously and are continually expanding our knowledge and skills to better understand the business and web audience.
Your website is an investment in your business’s future and Solomon Designs team gives this the attention it deserves.

Why WordPress?

Specialising on this platform allows us to put all our efforts on providing exceptional services in the number one these days CMS platform.
It is fast and reliable, it is free and well-supported, and our satisfied clients / startups love it as much as we do.
If you’re a small business just getting started, you need to make an instant impression in an extremely competitive market.
A website made with the best design and user experience best practices in mind is all what you need.


“Every client is important to us and we never take on too much work, as this could disadvantage our existing satisfied clients. We get a lot of work from referrals and have managed to create long-lasting relationships with our clients.”


Web Sites

Fast WordPress Themes

We build custom WordPress websites. Solomon Designs team tailors our custom WordPress development services to each individual client, ensuring that your website engages with your audience and drives conversions. Our services include WooCommerce and more. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we strive to help our clients set their business goals.


Fast WordPress Themes

Improve search rankings

Our SEO company uses modern SEO services, backed by the best digital practices, to increase your traffic & rankings for vetted keywords and long-tail phrases that drive business to your site.

WordPress E-Commerce Development

Build the e-Commerce website that you want

Having your e-shop set up to sell online from anywhere in the world has never been more important. We use WooCommerce, a fully customizable eCommerce platform built on WordPress. We will help you set up your online business and guide you through all the important features. Your products are unique and so should your online store be.

Web Designs

Innovative Presentation

We help both small businesses and large companies to not only build a website they will be proud of, but also help them attract more visitors and convert them into customers. Your website is the first interaction a potential customer has with your business and Our website design service helps you stand out from your competitors.


Solify | Woocommerce Theme fills the gap between Shopify and WordPress. You get the flat and modern design of a Shopify Theme and the freedom of WordPress.

Solify is extremely well built for Performance built from scratch on Bootstrap.

The installation is super easy to complete, following the Youtube Video tutorial, to create business online shop in minutes.
You’ll have a fully functional business online shop powered by Woocommerce with the awesome design of a Shopify Theme.

Solify | Woocommerce is not a multipurpose Theme. With Solify you get a, WordPress theme for E-commerce, that is ready to sell products online.
With Solify you create your business online shop.
You don’t need to research complicated combinations between design elements, everything is already set to work efficiently and you can sell products online immediately.

All WordPress necessary Plugins have been pre-selected. You don’t have to research which one suits you best.
They are thoroughly tested to help you create your online store and sell products online. What’s best? They are free of charge!

The design has been selected carefully after years of experience with the market. It is optimized to sell products online with high conversion rates.


Over the last 10 years Solomon Designs has designed and developed hundreds of websites and eCommerce ones growing revenue for satisfied clients covering a wide range of sectors.

Web design and development for a construction company in Scotland,
Edinburgh, Scotland

Web design and development for a noise musician.
Athens, Greece

SEO for tourism – tour operator in Scotland, Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Web development for a visual and special effects company in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California

Web development for an event management company based in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Web development for an oil company based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Lagos, Nigeria

Web development for software house
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Into The Office Amsterdam


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SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” and it is the procedure of increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic, through non-paid (organic) search engine results.


Add social media digital marketing links on your website, increase your traffic and achieve many other goals! Read More…


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It’s not rare that people confuse web development with web design. But what is web design and how it can either lift a website to the top, or bury it to the bottoms of rankings. Read More…


Why trust us to be your WordPress expert?

Our team offers an extensive range of WordPress Digital Marketing Services that cover all jobs; from big tasks to small ones, we can assist you with absolutely anything related to your WordPress site.

My and my dedicated team aim is to identify your needs and anticipate any issues that might come up, and you can focus on your business goals.

Why Choose Our design team For Website Design Services

SEO Web design companies handle business in a very professional manner: Don’t settle for anything less. The team of web designers at Solomon Designs have many years of corporate and consulting experience to support your online digital marketing needs.

Our website design Digital Marketing Agency works closely with every client to assess their requirements, goals, timelines and risk factors – all with the goal of arriving at the best digital marketing custom solutions with a solid plan to implement and deploy. We take pride in our customer’s online success and in helping our clients keep their businesses running smoothly. A professional small business web design package for designing, creating, managing and growing your online presence is a phone call away.

How long does it take to design and create my small business website?

The time to design your website will depend on the complexity of your requirements. A custom website design can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. The development phase may take an additional 1 to 6 weeks depending on the functionality and number of pages you need. To get an accurate timeframe, get in touch with our Small Business talented team.

What is the average cost to design and develop a website?

It is quite difficult to give an average cost range due to the unique requirements that every website has. Our website development cost starts at $479. This is just an average cost and will vary depending on the design aspects and the functionality you need for the website.

What is Responsive SEO Web Design?

The purpose of responsive design is to have one site, but with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of different sizes.

Let’s take a traditional “fixed” website. When viewed on a desktop computer, for instance, the website might show three columns. But when you view that same layout on a smaller tablet, it might force you to scroll horizontally, something users don’t like. Or elements might be hidden from view or look distorted. The impact is also complicated by the fact that many tablets can be viewed either in portrait orientation or turned sideways for landscape view.

On a tiny smartphone screen, responsive websites can be even more challenging to see. Large images may “break” the layout. Sites can be slow to load on smartphones if they are graphics heavy.

However, if a site uses responsive design, the tablet version might automatically adjust to display just two columns. That way, the content is readable and easy to navigate. On a smartphone, the content might appear as a single column, perhaps stacked vertically. Or possibly the user would have the ability to swipe over to view other columns. Images will resize instead of distorting the layout or getting cut off.

The point is: with responsive design, the website automatically adjusts based on the device the viewer sees it in.

Why Custom SEO Web Design Is Important

Not only do custom web design services allow your business and website to stand out from others in the same industry of field, it also allows you to customize your website to your needs. From individual pages that are important to your business to custom graphics and interactive pages and menus, custom web designs put the creative power in your hands.

Additionally, a custom website ensures that your design stays consistent across multiple browsers which can impact the way users view your brand and even your search engine ranking.

How Mobile Friendly Web Design Works

Mobile friendly design is the specific creation of website pages for mobile web users. These site pages look different from the standard desktop website pages and are tailored for a better mobile viewing experience. Mobile friendly design improves viewing and ease of use on small smartphone screens and responds to the way that phone users navigate websites.

For example, phone users may swipe more to go forward or backwards and mobile friendly design accounts for this difference in the way users on different devices navigate.

A mobile friendly website is typically longer than a standard desktop site, since the images, text, videos, and links are adjusted for a smaller, narrower screen.

Why Mobile Friendly Web Design Is Important

On mobile there are a few aspects that make interacting with a website different from standard desktop sites:

Minimal Space–Space is limited on a small screen and text, images, and navigation menus need to be properly spaced out for easy access.

Information & Goal Oriented– Mobile users typically have specific goals in mind when they visit a site, such as collecting information and navigating to a specific page.

Focused Attention–Attention is fleeting on fast searches and when using mobile, so it’s important to make navigation extremely easy to facilitate searches.

Why hire a WordPress web design company like Solomon Designs?

There are tons of benefits when it comes to hiring a WordPress web design company. Not only can they help you build your ideal website, but they can save you time and money while doing it.

Hiring a WordPress website design company is your best bet, especially if you find yourself working in the conditions below:

You don’t have time to learn a new skill or you don’t have to time to maintain another ongoing project.

You have a budget that allows you to hire a WordPress development company.

You have complicated, specific, and unique project requirements.

All of these situations should lead you to hire a WordPress web design agency instead of doing the job on your own.

Here are a few of the main reasons you should rely on a WordPress website company to help you create your custom site.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular platform and easy to use tool to create a website, or on a more technical level an open-source Content Management System (CMS).

Why use WordPress for websites?

It is free and open source, very flexible and impressively adaptable. If you plan to manage and update the website yourself, after your web developer delivers it to you, then WordPress is by far the easiest platform to work with. WordPress is reliable, SEO friendly and very well supported as you can find plenty of tutorials and resources online.

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

This really depends on your needs so it can really range from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands depending on how much work is put in the project. Whether you know exactly what you want or not, Our team is here to have a chat. After all these years and experience building websites for various sectors we always have ideas and recommendations to discuss.

Is SEO worth it for a small business?

Top brands and businesses with big digital marketing budgets dominate search engines today. As a result, small businesses are being pushed further down the rankings, and therefore find it extremely difficult to compete. Our search engine optimisation directs its efforts towards these small businesses.

Our team will not promise you will be ranked number one in search engines but we can promise to increase your website traffic, lead generation and conversion rate using the latest SEO techniques.

How long does SEO take to start working?

The answer to this question is unfortunately complicated but from what I have experienced to date I would say that you can start seeing results within 6 months. SEO is an investment and requires energy, time and patience. But even with a very good SEO strategy factors such as website speed, domain age, target market and especially competition can affect this time frame.

How do I redesign my existing website?

Expand A website redesign is a worthwhile exercise if you want your website to meet the needs of your site visitors. Superior user experience results in your user will easily navigate and discover your website the way you intended. To ensure your website is built for user experience and remains relevant, you may need to consider a design update. The process includes an analysis of functionality, understanding of your current users and potential visitors, a competitor analysis, establishing goals, updating SEO strategy and optimizing the site with responsive design.

Custom WordPress Design vs. Off-The-Shelf Themes: Which One Should You Use?

If you decide to use WordPress as your CMS, the next step will be deciding whether to build your site using an existing WordPress theme or hiring a WordPress website design company to create a custom design based on your unique needs and specifications.

One of the benefits of using WordPress is that the choice is yours, though of course, the custom option will always be the more expensive one.

WordPress has hundreds of themes to choose from, many of which are responsive designs (layouts that adapt to the screen resolution of the device being used) so they’re totally compatible with mobile devices.

Choosing one of the many WordPress theme options will save your company money but it will limit your flexibility. You’ll be able to customize the theme to your brand, but you’ll have to work within the existing structure of whichever theme you choose.

Custom design, on the other hand, offers complete flexibility.

The WordPress web designer you partner with will create something from scratch based on your specific needs as communicated to them and ensure that the final design accommodates all the features you require.

Why hire a WordPress development company?

The trick to finding top WordPress developers is to identify your needs. Do you need help repairing the damage done to your WordPress site by a virus? Or are you looking for someone to integrate a specific web technology, such as React, with WordPress?

The cost of your WordPress project will depend largely on your scope of work and the specific skills needed to bring your project to life.

What Digital Marketing Can Do for You

Digital marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and more. It’s one of the most important services you can invest in for the success of your business. When done well, digital marketing will increase brand recognition, drive traffic, and significantly grow your revenue. An SEO services company can help.

What Coalition Technologies Can Do for You

At Solomon Designs, we believe in building relationships with our clients for the long-term. And we maintain those relationships by producing outstanding results. We deliver those results by developing proprietary systems that beat our competitors, hiring the top 1% of our applicants, and partnering with everyone from Google to BigCommerce.

What do SEO and web design services include?

Before you start comparing SEO and web design companies, it’s important to mention that every agency is different. While many offer the same deliverables with their services, some may vary in what they provide clients.

When should you hire a web design and SEO company?

If you want a new site design and updated SEO, working with an SEO and web design company might be a good choice. These agencies are generally made up of several departments that work together on your site, which is a lot simpler than choosing two separate companies for SEO and web design.

How much do SEO and web design companies charge?

Pricing for SEO and web design companies varies quite a bit. Businesses can easily spend $25,000 on site design, plus a few thousand dollars a month on SEO. What you invest depends on a few factors, like the agency’s rates, the complexity of your site’s design, and the aggressiveness of your SEO strategy. That’s why it’s helpful to research prices beforehand, as well as request quotes from multiple top SEO and web design companies. You can get a general idea of what SEO, plus web design will cost your business.

Why Solomon Designs For WordPress Website Development ?

Solomon Designs is a leading WordPress Development Company that is equipped with all the skills and knowledge that is required to support all your WordPress needs. Having worked on numerous WordPress Development projects in the past, we know what it takes to transform a WordPress template into a brilliant website. Our expertise and experience in WordPress CMS development and customization has earned us recognition in WordPress Development. Consequently, many small to large sized enterprises leveraged their small business with our proficiency to acquire a robust online presence. We work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and define a custom strategy to deliver top-notch WordPress Development Services. We offer various WordPress Plugins that can boost your website’s security and increase your website’s speed. It also bolster your website’s social media connectivity and can make website more SEO friendly. Along with the WordPress Website Development, we also provide WordPress upgrade, content migration and complete Website Maintenance services to ensure up to date website.

What Benefit I will have in WordPress Website Development from Solomon Designs

We at Solomon Designs assure you as part of our WordPress development services: Absolute affordability in developing your WordPress website or blog. A team of expert WordPress Developers at your disposal. Outstanding WordPress themes, plug-ins, widgets, etc., and their full compatibility with multiple environments. Ongoing Website Maintenance to assure updated, Bug Free and Secure Website. SEO Friendly Website along with on-going SEO Services to make your business a Brand. All Services under One Roof that too at very reasonable price.

What Type Of Businesses Should Consider WordPress Web Design Services?

WordPress is known for its user-friendly interface and for being an accessible CMS choice for even the most non-technical users. Businesses who wish to partner with a web design company to design and develop their site but then manage it on their own moving forward will likely be more than satisfied with a WordPress CMS. WordPress began as a blogging platform but has since evolved into a CMS platform suited to many different kinds of businesses. It’s clear that it is a great option for content-based sites, which makes it a solid choice for small businesses and corporate websites whose needs are generally not overly complex.

Project Management

With this, dedicated project managers help you with seamless delegation over your WordPress Development Services. Yes, our Project Managers will provide you with hourly reports of the work done.


If you have any questions regarding our WordPress Development Services or would like to have a chat about your project, our team is always happy to help.

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