The characteristics of a successful website #1 1

The characteristics of a successful website #1

You might think you know what a successful website looks like, but we would advise you to take a look at this series of blog posts that we have for you, with a valuable list of characteristics that you need to adopt, if you want your website to hit the top! #1 Keep it Logical and Simple What this means, is that you may know your business and how it works, but others don’t. This is why you will need to guide your audience through it like a 3 year old. It has to be easy and useful as hell, if you want people to prefer it and the only way to succeed in it, is by writing down its Read more…

Identifying what you want 2

Identifying what you want

We’re only humans and knowing what we want can sometimes be tricky and tiring. A website is not an easy thing to do and identifying what you really want is essential. Solomon Designs is offering you some options that will make your life easier when deciding what to do. 1. A brand new website But what do you need exactly? One page? Five pages? 10 pages? Do you need an e-shop? Should it be responsive? Does it include a database? Before coming to us to ask for a brand new website, ask yourselves the following questions: • Who are you targeting? • Why would your target group want to visit your website? • What is the purpose of this website? Read more…

Why choose WordPress? 3

Why choose WordPress?

Are you looking for the perfect platform to build your website on? Does WordPress keep popping up during your research?

Well, Solomon Designs loves WordPress and here’s why:

  1. It is FREE! Yeap, that’s right! If you want a low cost website that will serve all your needs – even an e-shop with online payment systems- then WordPress is what you need!
  2. (more…)

What does your web developer actually do for you? 4

What does your web developer actually do for you?

Looking for the right web developer is hard and we can assure you that a creative cooperation can be challenging and sometimes tiring. Web developers often need to prove to their clients that the value of their work is not only translated into working hours, but also to future ratings of the website they have built and, subsequently, to various future deals for the business represented by a website. If you wonder what it is that you’re paying for, if you feel grumpy and need to know exactly what it is that your web developer is doing for you, then here is a list of what Solomon Designs does for its clients and let us know what you think. We Read more…

What do you really need to build your first website? 5

What do you really need to build your first website?

When building your first website, you have to consider that a very common mistake people make, is attempting to do too much. The fact that you don’t have sufficient knowledge on web development and web design makes things difficult and this is why you should try to hire a web development company that is willing to cooperate with you. Trying to put all possible features in your website, ultimately leads to wasting your time, or wasting your money, or even both! In order to avoid the frustration and end up doing nothing, you have to do this one thing first: understand your basic needs and create a website that responds to these specific needs. If your website needs to grow, Read more…

Because we love what we do! 6

Because we love what we do!

There is always a good chance you meet people in your life that really affect you and urge you to be creative. There is no magical formula to achieve this. It just happens through hard work and open mind. Apparently there should be a starting point and for us this has been our long and strong relations. All of us have been working in various fields of the industry, we are all related to the media, and very soon we realized we could offer some good quality services if we teamed up. This is how we gradually developed our communication and workflow: Step by step, we  managed to complete complex projects, concerning a wide variety of services and skills. All Read more…

How to install Joomla 3 on a Linux VPS Server 7

How to install Joomla 3 on a Linux VPS Server

Hosting a web site on a shared hosting environment is convenient, but it doesn’t offer you the flexibility we sometimes need. This is a case when we need to access the server directly, to change file permissions or run a Python script on the server. In a shared host environment, the user only has access to the File Manager through a cPanel (if available) and that’s all. Moreover the VPS servers are relatively cheaper. A quick Duck Duck Go 🙂 search will provide you with a lot of results starting from only $5/month. Also a VPS server is, at least in theory, faster than a Shared Hosting Environment. Generally speaking, if you need total freedom, you will find it difficult Read more…

How to install Zurb's Foundation 6 with SASS compiler using the CLI on an Ubuntu PC p.2 8

How to install Zurb’s Foundation 6 with SASS compiler using the CLI on an Ubuntu PC p.2

In the second part of the Tutorial Install Foundation 6 on Ubuntu using cli, I will cover the use of Gulp as an automation handler. Gulp can help you perform tasks that would otherwise need extra work after you have finished coding and would need to do them every time from scratch. So it can significantly improve your Workflow and reduce time spend on various tasks. I will focus on the Foundation 6 Framework, i don’t intend to describe Gulp in general, as this is not the the scope of the Tutorial. What is useful, is to learn the basic structure of a Gulp file and show how somebody can add more features using the Gulp plugins. We should know Read more…

How to install Zurb's Foundation 6 with SASS compiler using the CLI on an Ubuntu PC p.1 12

How to install Zurb’s Foundation 6 with SASS compiler using the CLI on an Ubuntu PC p.1

When it comes to Web Development writing pure code Zurb’s Foundation 6 is one of the most reliable and easy to use Frameworks. Foundation 6 provides the user with all the necessary tools to build a modern fully responsive Web Site. The API starts showing its capabilities very soon, but what makes it rocket is the CLI functionality it provides. For a beginner user this might look overwhelming, but in fact there is no reason to avoid the CLI. In fact propably you will come against the necessity to use it very soon. This will be the case if you try to customize an Orbit Slider or use the powerfull SASS styling language. Our case study is that we need Read more…