As you may already know, adding social media links on your website helps you grow your followers, which helps you achieve many other goals

#2 Create a sense of authenticity

    Attracting more visitors means that more people are interested in your business’ services or products. What is it that makes them interested, however? Authenticity, is one of these factors that can attract people’s interest and Social Media is the right means to communicate your messages to the public.

    The “Our Story” page is usually meant to create a more “human” profile for your business, but Social Media can actually make a difference towards this direction. So, if, for example, you support the local economy, you must show it through your Social Media posts. Videos, photos, articles, hashtags that may be related to your actions, they can all play a role to your business profile and the target group that you plan to attract.

    Many people are interested, not only in quality services or products, but also in businesses with authenticity, that they can relate to. People who can see how the members of your business act as a group or for specific causes, can easily connect with your business and follow your updates. What this means, is that your Social Media can connect you with potential clients in a more meaningful way, that can create long-term relationships or co-operations.

    Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!

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