Web design is extremely important for a website as it can either lift it to the top, or bury it to the bottoms of rankings. And here is why:

#5 Call To Action

Even if you have the most awesome website in the known universe, you still need your web designer to do something extremely important: Call To Action.

Your website visitors are finally there, they’re looking around and they haven’t left within the first 15 seconds. Now is your chance to have them do the one thing you want from them. What is that? Well, that depends. You might want them to subscribe to your newsletter or fill a contact form, maybe use a special discount, download a gift card or watch a video.

Whatever that is, your designer must be able to Call everybody To Action with an irresistible CTA “button”. This button must stand out of the page, but it must not be annoying. It must be able to attract attention, but without interrupting the visitor. It must be obvious, but not too much. In short, a good web designer knows how to call your visitors to action and can bring them closer to what you’re offering.

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