Web design is extremely important for a website as it can either lift it to the top, or bury it to the bottoms of rankings. And here is why:

#3 First Impression

The moment you click on a web address and see the website that appears in front of you, a first impression is immediately created. This first impression is fundamentally formed by the layout. It can either be appealing to the users who will engage with it, or it can be the opposite and send them away.

Moreover, your website design and development shows how seriously you take your business and the quality of your aesthetics. What this means, is that if your website has unappealing design and it is outdated, visitors will not be able to trust you or your business and they will prefer to navigate in a competitors page that seems much more engaging.

Thus, make sure you invest in design that will be engaging and that will be able to create a pleasant first impression.

Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!

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