Web design is extremely important for a website as it can either lift it to the top, or bury it to the bottoms of rankings. And here is why:

#1 Navigation

It is definitely the most important part of a website, as it can either help a visitor find his way and decide to return, or it can confuse the visitor and send him/her directly to a competitor.

Especially if your website consists of many pages, you should be extra careful considering your web design. A typical website navigation should be pretty obvious through labels or a navigation bar. However, that’s not always the case. As we try to differentiate our website from the others, we often choose alternative ways of presenting our website to the people. This, however, could end up being very tricky.

The right navigation must be easy for the visitor to locate and comprehend, something that counts impressively in google analytics. So, don’t hesitate to choose the simple way, as it guarantees ease of use and will definitely save them a lot of time.

This could also be translated in more clicks from your devoted visitors!

Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!

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