You know you want a web developer, but you don’t know what to ask them. Here’s a list of useful questions you might need to ask:

#8 What can you offer to this project?

Although it’s a very common question in interviews and it basically challenges you to sell yourself, it is also a question that can bring a lot of useful information about your web developer to your attention.

Even if you ask for very specific things, there is no harm in knowing the possibilities offered by your web developer, if his list of skills is longer than you think. Moreover, he might have a team of freelancers that regularly cooperate with him and might be able to shift the level of the project a bit (or even a lot) higher.

For example, if content writing can also be provided for a relatively low price, why not have it? What about marketing background? If you ask for SEO, then basic marketing knowledge is fundamental for an SEO expert that knows how to do it right. There is also social media management, video production, Javascript and many more areas of interest that could prove to be very useful to you and your project.

Just ask and you might even get ideas about how to make your website impressively attractive!

Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!


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