Statistically speaking, if you are the owner of a website, it is very common to face cyber attacks. And here’s how you can deal with them:


An online business or a website of any size have 67% chances of being cyber attacked and another 83% chances of being victims of phishing. What this means is that you have to be ready for them and the most obvious, but essential way to do it, is passwords.

Make sure they are secure and unique! Don’t just put your name or your date of birth there. Make it hard for them! You should know that cyber attacking programmes don’t spend too much time trying to break your passwords. If they can’t do it easily, they will move on to the next potential victim.

Choose plenty of characters (we would recommend at least 12) and make sure you put a lot of imagination there, with capital letters, numbers, exclamation marks, anything that is not expected to be there. You know you have chosen the right password when you cannot even remember it yourself!

If you have employees, make sure you train them to choose passwords that are difficult to break and ask them to note them down at a programme like KeePassX, which is safe and secure.

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