You know you want a web developer, but you don’t know what to ask them. Here’s a list of useful questions you might need to ask:

#6 How many revisions are included?

Also, what kind of revisions? About the web design proposals? Or the final website? Instead of waiting until the last minute to express your opinion and say that you prefer something different, make sure you have agreed on how many revisions you can have for the money you’re offering. Depending on the project, the timeframe and the price, your web developer will offer you a number of revisions which you have to use very wisely.

Say it early enough if you prefer a revision on the design and do the same while following up with the progress of web development. Nobody likes last minute changes. Usually, most developers offer 2 to 3 revisions to the final website, but depending on the project, you could even enjoy unlimited revisions on design!

If you still want more revisions, ask what your web developer’s hourly rate is, as you will need to pay for those extra hours.

Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!


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