Having your own domain name for your business is very important. Having the right domain name is equally important. And here is why:

#2 Visibility

When picking the domain name for your website you need to remember the following 3 important things:

-keep it short

-make it easy to remember

-keep it easy to type

The right domain name is going to improve both your marketing and visibility as it can offer search engines the opportunity to find you a lot more easily. It can also save you from spending a fortune on SEO, since it will be able to deliver clients with half the effort. It can be related to the wider business area you are active in, or it can be some keywords put in the right order. It can be the name of a geographical area or just a name. Whatever you do, make sure it’s recognisable and you will be rewarded with visibility, traffic and reputation. And remember, a good domain name does 50% of the work. The other 50% is SEO and professionalism 😉

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