It is not easy to choose the right web developer, especially if you’re not acquainted with the profession. Nevertheless, we provide you with 5 valuable criteria that will help you organise the info you’ve got and choose the proper developer for your website.

#3 Expertise

Sure, you need an expert, but, on what exactly? First you have to know what kind of website you want and then you have to make sure you find a web developer that is an expert on this specific field that you want (for example, WordPress or eCommerce).

Also, do you really need an expert for a one-page website (landing page) or is it wiser to find someone cheaper who can do this simple task for a lower cost? What if your needs change in the future? What if technology changes in the near future? Will your expert be updated? Will he know what he’s doing? These questions should be taken into consideration while choosing a web developer, although it is not easy to decide about them at such an early stage.

Whatever you do, always ask your potential web developers’ background, so that you know about their studies, their professional experience, their field of expertise and what they are capable of offering.

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