It is not easy to choose the right web developer, especially if you’re not acquainted with the profession. Nevertheless, we provide you with 5 valuable criteria that will help you organise the info you’ve got and choose the proper developer for your website.

#1 Cost

We are aware that every company or individual has a different financial situation and this is why we start with cost, although it is not the only criteria you should take under consideration when choosing a web developer. What this means, is that the cheapest is not necessarily the best option, as it may include some traps that we will analyze in the following articles. Moreover, the cheapest option might sometimes lead to you paying more in the end, as you try to fix the mistakes of a sloppy developers, by hiring other people to clean up their mess.

What you need to do, is make sure you have a clear communication about what exactly is included in the price, what covers one-time costs (such as the service of the graphics designer) and what covers ongoing costs (such as web hosting). Moreover, check if the web developer includes maintenance in this price, as well as human support.

The truth is that, while doing your research, you will see that the prices are ranging, depending on the country of origin of the web developer or the services provided, but there are many other factors that affect them. Try to be aware of what exactly it is that you need and get specific quotes on that only. In the end, you will need to take under consideration all the criteria necessary in order to do make the right choice.

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