You might think you know what a successful website looks like, but we would advise you to take a look at this series of blog posts that we have for you, with a valuable list of characteristics that you need to adopt, if you want your website to hit the top!

#5 Less is more

“The more, the better”, you may think. But unfortunately this does not apply to websites. If you want to impress, you have to do it with simplicity and putting automatic music at your website will definitely not make your visitors happy. Especially those who want to check out your website while at work, or who just feel utterly interrupted but this kind of “interventions”.

You can put a video in your website, but offer your visitors the liberty to choose whether they would like to watch it or not. Avoid flash if it’s not absolutely necessary for some reason and try to keep your visitors focused on your purpose, which is to engage in the content of your website.

And don’t forget that the more autoplays you put in your website, the slower it becomes!

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