You might think you know what a successful website looks like, but we would advise you to take a look at this series of blog posts that we have for you, with a valuable list of characteristics that you need to adopt, if you want your website to hit the top!

#1 Keep it Logical and Simple

What this means, is that you may know your business and how it works, but others don’t. This is why you will need to guide your audience through it like a 3 year old. It has to be easy and useful as hell, if you want people to prefer it and the only way to succeed in it, is by writing down its structure beforehand.  This will help you avoid creating a maze that will confuse your audience and eventually drive them away from your website.

User experience is highly important nowadays, as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the only way to achieve high rates in both, is by taking good care of your audience and make sure they understand where they are and what they see. A useful tip would be to test your website by having your friends and family visit it before you launch it officially. Ask them to be sincere about how easy it was for them to navigate through it, what they liked, what they didn’t like and allow them to give you recommendations. You’ll be surprised by the variety of useful comments you will get!

Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!


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